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Home – About Evergreens Plus

Evmagnolia, bbcedar, red berry wreathergreens Plus is a well established business of over 20 years standing that started selling Christmas Trees to retailers across Canada. We are now bringing everyone the opportunity to buy high quality natural Christmas Wreaths  direct from us, using the power of the Internet. Currently our software supports sales to 234 countries around the world.

Since these products are made from all fresh natural materials, and are made specifically to order, each year, in limited quantities, they are provided on a strictly first come first served basis. In order not to miss out you should select the items you want from our on-line store, as early as possible.

We can and do collect orders throughout the year. All items are processed and shipped to arrive at your home, or designated shipping address during the early part of December, we cut off orders on 7th December so all items will arrive before Christmas.

square magnolia all green wreathAll Xmas products are high end, hand made, of the highest quality natural materials, which have been carefully selected by us.

These Christmas Wreaths are as beautiful as the materials used to make them. The Wreaths are made to order from freshly cut, Magnolia, Leland Cedar, Arbavida Cedar, Blueberry Cedar, Short Pine, and Variegated Leland Cedar. Some berries are artificial, to avoid birds eating them and drop offs.  The Round Wreaths are 24 inches in diameter or you have the option to order an 18 to 20 inch Square wreath made of the same materials, when you visit the store at Evergreens Plus.

The wreaths are full and heavy (approximately 5 to 7lbs) and are crafted to the highest standards. They make great exclusive Christmas gifts for your friends, family, neighbors, employees and business partners. Any selections you make at Evergreens Plus are sure to be appreciated, during the holiday season at this special time of year.

If you wish to make a corporate, or larger order please contact us by E Mail to confirm availability and available discounts, thank you.  We hope that you will enjoy the wreath selections available to you, as much as we have enjoyed selecting the various combinations of color and greenery.

We do accept all of the methods of payment shown below, via Pay Pal which is a secure payment system, we will not ever get to see your card details, only PayPal and your bank will. They only show us the type of card used and the last 4 digits, so they and we can track the transaction in the event of a need arising. In addition to the PayPal secure system all pages of this site are protected by a 256 bit security certificate from GeoTrust and we also have extended validation. This makes the site a little slower, but it prevents spam and cyber attacks so we consider it worth it, we hope you do too.

In order to make your shopping experience easier click here to set up an account, this will also allow you to add product reviews and store your cart for future shopping sessions, should you get interrupted, and it will generally make your shopping experiences easier as your information will not have to be re-entered on future visits. You will have a personal log-in linked to your email address (as id) and your own password, which keeps that information secure. We do not store any of your financial information, that is only ever required at the point of payment. It should be possible to shop without an account. If you have any problems please contact us.

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1 Comment on Home – About Evergreens Plus

  1. Welcome to our On-line store it certainly has created a lot of interest and we hope that this will lead to many happy customers who are glad to recommend our services to their colleagues, friends and relations. Please set up an account so that ordering is easier on subsequent visits, you get an address book so that you can send the Wreaths to your Special Friends.

    We wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and a happy holiday.

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